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The AdCpuUsage 1.02 is available for download.
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The AdCpuUsage is a single unit that provides CPU usage measurement routines for Windows 95, 98, NT and 2000. It suggests an easy way to obtain the CPU usage for all mentioned operation systems. Only two function calls are necessary to obtain the CPU usage: the first one - CollectCPUDate - refreshes the data about CPU usage and the second one - GetCPUUsage - returns the CPU usage for each processor in the systems. Note that the same functions are used for all mentined operating systems.

The AdCPuUsage is freeware and is disitibuted with complete sources.

For advanced performance monitoring under Windows NT use the PerfUtils components.

The AdCPuUsage is freeware and distributed in sources. It contains the demo applications for various versions of Delphi. Download it now (24kb, zip)!

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