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An advanced service application
Published 10.03.1999
This example requires...
SvCom components

This example shows some additional features of the SvCom components. In fact it illustrates several simple rules that should be kept to implement more complicated service behaviour. The interacting with a user using simple message boxes is examined too. This example consists of the following steps

  1. Creating new SvCom service application - it is exactly the same as the step 1 in "Simple NT Service" example. Save your project as SvComExample2.dpr
  2. Adding new service module - this step is the same as the step 2 in "Simple NT Service" example. Set the name of service to 'SampleService2' and display name to 'SvCom Example N 2'.
  3. Adding advanced event handlers
  4. Implementing OnExecute event handler
  5. Showing a message box form service application

The full source code of this example is here (zip, 1.5Kb)

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