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Quick Policy Manager
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The QPM 1.0 beta is available for download.
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The Quick Policy Manager is a Windows NT administration utility. It allows to easy view and change the policy over the network. Simple user interface allows to change user rights for one computer or for the group of computers, one right at a time or a set of rights. Only few mouse clicks are necessary to change the policy in the whole domain or workgroup.


  • Committed changes take effect immediately;
  • Policy can be viewed/changed on all NT workstations and servers simultaneously;
  • The real policy state is shown. You can use other tools - and you can see the result.

QPM is shareware with 30 days trial period. After trial period is over you should order a license or stop to use the software.

There are three types of QPM licenses:

  • Light - for small domains or workgroups - from 1 to 5 computers
  • Standard - for domains or workgroups with up to 30 computers
  • Unlimited - allows to use QPM in one domain or workgroup without limitation of computer's number.

Buy QPM license now:

QPM is shareware with 30 days trial period. Download it now (489kb, zip)!

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