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Advanced interactive service

It was shown that:

  • It is possible to write interactive service with forms. The Synchronize method of TNtServiceApplication is used to place all forms into main application thread and avoid thread safety problems;
  • Forms of interactive service are corrupted by logoff/logon;
  • The TsvSurviver component successfully protects service forms from corruption;
  • The TsvSurviver component successfully protects message windows and commonly used dialogs too. It is enough to place it onto form surface and it will work;
  • The tray icon feature can be added to interactive service;
  • It is necessary to restore the tray icon after interactive user re-logons;
  • The TsvLogonSensor component successfully detect logon event which allows to re-instantiate the tray icon and do any other necessary actions.

Complete code of this example in it`s final state is available here (zip, 3.5kb).

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