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DDE Server in Service
Published 10.03.1999
It is compatible with... It uses...
Win 95 compatible Win 98 compatible Win NT compatible Windows 2000 compatible Delphi 3 compatible Delphi 4 compatible Delphi 5 compatible Delphi 6 Compatible  SvCom components are necessary

This example shows how to implement DDE server in a service. The DDE related components of Delphi have several features that are inconvenient for usage of this components in a service. Moreover some of these features can break the normal functioning of DDE server if placed into service. To illustrate it this example includes not only the DDE server in a service itself, it contains several useful tests to illustrate DDE components features. This example is for registered users only. You will have to login to download this example.

Go to the SvCom registered users area to download this example.

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