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ACL Editor
Published 29.06.1999
It is compatible with... It uses...
Not Win 95 compatible Not Win 98 compatible Win NT compatible Windows 2000 compatible Delphi 3 compatible Delphi 4 compatible Delphi 5 compatible Delphi 6 Compatible  SvCom components are necessary

This example continues the SID Stuff Example. The aim of this example is to implement the ACL editor application. This application will be based on two SvCom components. The first of them - the TsvSidCenter - was considered in the previous example. So we shall put our attention on the second component. I mean the TsvACLCenter. This component does all work that is necessary to manipulate Windows NT Access Control Lists (ACL). This example includes following steps

  1. ACL overview
  2. Changes to SID Stuff Example
  3. Access mask editor
  4. ACL editor form
  5. Testing of example.

You can download this example from here (5.5Kb, zip)

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