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DCOM server in Windows NT Service
Creating a DCOM server that works as a Windows NT Service

The Borland Delphi is an excellent RAD tool. The new version 1 of it, the Delphi 4, has some new capabilities. In particular it can create Windows NT service applications. The implementation of services in Delphi is advanced enough. One can create multi-services application, the configuration of services is easy and etc.

The Delphi has also an excellent set of com-related tools. One can create and use COM/DCOM servers, ActiveX controls. It is easy too. But what about DCOM server that works as Windows NT service? Is it possible to create it in common way using Delphi experts? Suppose one creates a service application and then adds an automation object to it. Is this application a DCOM server in a service? The answer is "NO". It was a great surprise for me, but it is really so 2. Read the topics below to make sure of it. There is also a short review of actions that should be done to force the Delphi-written COM server to work as a service.

  1. Specific features of DCOM server in a Windows NT service
  2. Service Application + Automation Object = "DCOM server NEAR service"
  3. The difference between "DCOM server NEAR service" and "DCOM server IN service"
  4. How to create a DCOM server that really works as Windows NT service
 And one more...
  1. DCOM related features of SvCom.

1. This article was published when the Delphi 5 was not released yet. I've expected that mentioned problems will be fixed in the new version but... So, this article is still actual.

2. And it is truth for the Delphi 5 too.

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