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DCOM server in Windows NT Service
SvCom DCOM related features

SvCom was designed to implement the ability of Delphi-written DCOM server to work in a Windows NT service. The difference between ordinary DCOM server in executable and DCOM server in service were discussed early in this article. Below is a table that compares the SvCom-based applications with other ones mentioned above.


Ordinary DCOM server DCOM server in a service DCOM server NEAR service SvCom
Automatic start due to client request yes yes yes yes
Starting in given user context yes yes yes yes
Starting in local system context no yes yes yes
Starting as interactive user yes no no no
Access/launch rights configuration yes yes yes yes
Remote starting yes (due to client request only) yes yes yes
Remote stopping no yes no yes
Pausing no yes no yes
Several independent parts in one application no yes no yes
Independent profile configuration of each part no no no no(in plans)
Independent controlling of each part no yes no yes

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