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DCOM server in Windows NT Service
Features of the DCOM server in Windows NT Service

At first let's discuss what features differ DCOM server in service from the ordinary one. In brief these features are the same as features of service application in comparison with an ordinary executable. At first it is a remote controlling and monitoring capability. There is a set of Windows API functions that are used for this purpose. The service can be started, stopped and paused and all these operations can be done over network even if no interactive user is logged on. The service can start automatically when the system starts operating. And, in addition, service can work in the Local System account. So if the DCOM server is implemented as a service then it should have the same properties. Consider for example the pausing capability. It allows to implement a server that continues to work with existing connections after pausing but declines any new connection requests. After disconnection of all clients such server can be stopped safely protecting clients from data loss.

Another feature is a possibility to implement a multi-service application. All services of this application can be controlled independently and moreover they can run in contexts of different users. At the same time all this services will use the same address space. The access and launch rights can also be configured independently.

Below is a table that summarize the common features and differences between ordinary DCOM exe-server and DCOM server in a service.

Feature Ordinary DCOM server DCOM server in a service
Automatic start due to client request yes yes
Starting in given user context yes yes
Starting in local system context no yes
Starting as interactive user yes no
Access/launch rights configuration yes yes
Remote starting yes (due to client request only) yes
Remote stopping no yes
Pausing no yes
Several independent parts in one application no yes
Independent profile configuration of each part no no
Independent controlling of each part no yes

The only necessary thing to use the specific features is to implement the DCOM server in service. Let's try to do that...

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